• Best Food Forward

    This year’s campaign aims to help Canadians Plan, Shop, Cook and Enjoy healthier food choices.

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    Cook up some flavourful fun at home with these deliciously nutritious recipes.

  • Good Food Moves

    Get lots of super ideas to help you choose the best food whether you’re planning your meals, eating on the …

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March is Nutrition Month® Across Canada

Many Canadians think they are eating well, but research found that the majority of us struggle with making healthier food choices at least half the time we shop.

Nutrition Month® 2013 is dedicated to helping Canadians put their Best Food Forward when grocery shopping. On this subject, dietitians are the most reliable source of information.

Nutrition Month® is presented by Dietitians of Canada, as well as thousands of dietitians across the country.

Dietitians help you set up good practices, and allow you to make informed decisions about meal planning, so you plan and prepare healthier meals for your family.

Great Eating Tips

Lots of Super Ideas to Help You Make Good Food Moves. Healthy eating begins with a bit of thinking, a …